Introducing and Demonstrating– New Library Softwares

Felicitating - Retired Librarians, M.Phil and Ph.D & other awardees and Honouring a Gold medalist in Library Science from Mangalore University.

Celebrating National Library Week

Bringing out News Letter

Book Exhibition -   on 15-09-1998

                              on 29-11-1998 to 01-12-1998

                              on 29-08-1999 to 05-09-1999 ( Mangalore Pusthaka Mela)

                              on 06-10-2001 to 14-10-2001(Mangala Pustakotsava)     


 Ranganathan's Day Celebration (Photos)


Workshop and Seminars Guest Lectures 


    ·         Library Automation and Networking-on 15-05-1998 at Canara College, Mangalore  

    ·         Librarian Role in the Era of Information Technology

    ·        The use of Library and Reading Habits on 23rd Nov.2002 at St.Aloysius College, Mangalore by Prof. Dr.Srinivasa Havanoor

    ·         Digital Libraries-ON 27-04-2003 at St.Aloysius College, Mangalore

    ·        Quality Management in Academic Libraries on 27-03-2004 at St.Aloysius College,Mangalore

    ·        SLIM Integrated Library Management  and its applications for a knowledge centre at Corporation   Bank Centenary Public library, Mangalore. . 

    ·        Funding Agencies for Research Projects and Designing Project Proposals on 19th Dec.2008 at St.Agnes College, Mangalore. more


    ·        Total Quality Library Improvement on 15-03-2009 at St.Agnes College, Mangalore.   Photos



    You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.  ~Paul Sweeney





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