Advisors:  Prof. A.K. Baradol,  Chairman Dept.of Library and Information Science, Mangalore University. Konaje.


Dr. M. K. Bhandi,  University Librarian, Mangalore University. Konaje.

 President: Dr. Manjuantha K, Chief Librarian, TAPMI, Manipal.


Vice President: Dr. Purushotham Gowda, Deputy Librarian, NITK Library ,Surathkal.


 Secretary:Dr.Vishala,B.K,S.G.Librarian,St.Agnes College, Mangalore, Mob.No:9448824505

Joint Secretary: Dr. Rakha D Pai, Sr. Librarian, MIT, Manipal.



Treasurer: Mrs. Vanaja, Librarian, University College, Mangalore.

Public Relations Officer: Mr. S M Dheeraj, S.G.Librarian, Dhavala College, Moodabidri.



Mrs. Indira T, S.G.Librarian, Canara College,  Mangalore. 

Dr. Vasappa Gowda, S.G.Librarian, Besant Evening  College, Mangalore.   


Mr. Sreedhar Hegde, S.G.Librarian, St. Mary’s College, Shirva. 




Editorial committee Members:

Sri. Balakrishna , S.G.Librarian, Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal. Mangalore. 


Sri.George Rodrigues,  S.G.Librarian, St.Aloysius College, Mangalore.

Mr. Lokanatha Poojari,  S.G.Librarian, Sri.Gokarnanatheshawara College. 


Dr. Vasappa Gowda, S.G.Librarian, Besant Evening College, Mangalore. 


Mrs.ShailaRani S.G.Librarian,Govt.First Grade College, Car Street, Mangalore. 



Dr. Vishala, B.K, S.G.Librarian, St.Agnes College Mangalore.

Mrs. Indira T, S.G.Librarian, Canara College, Mangalore.


Knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns.



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